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I'm Stephen Marchione and I welcome you to my web page. I'd like to share with you my current work, as well as various stringed instruments that I've built since becoming a full time luthier in 1990. My art is displayed in both photo and video format, and I am honored to also feature the beautiful music of my friends and clients. After all, it's about the music, and my promise to you is to consistently build guitars and violins that are seductive, transparent, and perpetually enticing.

My passion for instruments is broad, which is why I offer such a wide variety of guitars and violins. I craft Classical, Flamenco, and Archtop guitars in 15", 16", 17" and 18" sizes. I build Carved Top, Neck Through the Body and Vintage Tremolo electric guitars. I also make violins on the Stradivari and Guarnieri patterns.

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Marchione Writes

youtube120In the Fall 2013 issue of American Lutherie, the prestigious Quarterly Journal of the Guild of American Luthiers, Stephen Marchione reprises his 2011 GAL Convention lecture with a 19-page article on Archtop Guitars with an Italian Flair that includes over 80 photos...

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Fabrizio Sotti Talks

newdesign120In two new interviews, New York-based jazz guitarist, Fabrizio Sotti, talks about turning classic rock into jazz on his new album, Right Now. "My main electric guitar is a Marchione semi-hollow body. It's an incredible guitar. Whenever I play electric jazz, that's the one I rely on..."

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Marchione Clients

markwhitfield120Stephen Marchione has designed and built over 400 custom instruments for clients all over the world. Guitars, basses, violins and more have been delivered to and are played today by many well-known and respected artists. We've listed many of those players on this page...

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Marchione on Facebook

Marchione on FacebookJoin us on our Facebook page where you can get all kinds of breaking news and discussion about new instruments completed or in the works, events and performances where you can see and hear Marchione guitars and much more. Ask questions and offer comments in real time...

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